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About us

Papers Please Inc. is a District of Columbia non-profit arts/education company formed in 2018 after the Premiere of Two Pianos: Playing for Life.  Our initial goal: bring Two Pianos creations to broader audiences in the U.S. and abroad.  Our overall mission: design, produce and present focused, history-themed performances, programs, exhibits and publications with educational content.

When COVID-19 suspended live performances, Papers Please created Penn Convoy Press to publish A Border Town in Poland (2021) and related books under that imprint. 

Our Board and Advisory Committee include representatives of the Levin-Hoffman families (descendants of the main characters), a former Director of Planned Giving for the Metropolitan Opera (NYC), and a former board member of the Raoul Wallenberg Committee (U.S.).

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The Two Pianos Project is a "sponsored project" of Fractured Atlas, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit arts service organization. This relationship allows Papers Please to receive tax-deductible donations through Fractured Atlas for our Project-related activities. Papers Please initiatives primarily are funded through these donations, plus relationships with performance hosts and in-kind or financial support from individuals and local institutional partners. Contributions are welcome by credit card on-line by clicking this link, or by check payable to Fractured Atlas with "Two Pianos: Playing for Life" in the memo line.

To learn more about our project supporters and contributors, click here.