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Penn Convoy Press

Penn Convoy Press, an imprint of Papers Please Inc., is our publishing arm.  When COVID shut down live Two Pianos performances in 2020, we returned to our source material to produce a series of full-length non-fiction oral-history books based largely on transcripts of the first-person interviews we conducted 1979-85.  These books include selections from the rich trove of documents, photographs or other images we collected then and since.  In addition to illustrated 32-page Two Pianos Exhibit brochures in English and German, they currently include:

A Border Town in  Poland: A 20th Century Memoir, Hirsch Bieler as told to Nora Jean and Michael H. Levin (2021), 385 pages with color images, timelines, historical context inserts, maps and supporting end-notes,  

The book launched with a recorded Zoom call attended by family/friends from around the world.  A second recorded presentation hosted by the Lost Angeles Jewish Genealogical Society is also on YouTube. 

A Border Town in Poland is listed on the Jewish Book Council's 2022-23

Network Authors speaking tour

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Firebird: The Musical Life & Times of [Pianist] Rebecca Burstein-Arber, as told to Nora Jean and Michael H. Levin, ___ pages with images, timelines, maps, historical context inserts, and supporting end-notes (forthcoming 2023)